…well it’s been a while.



Lord! I have been gone a loooong time!

{I have no good excuse for leaving this so long, so apologies.}

So – lets have a recap:

  • I still sleep in, as long as I can when I can!…nothing new there :p
  • I am still addicted to coffee.
  • I am still freelancing my little be-hind off.
  • But I also have a 9-5 job which…well, is hopefully going to help me get a mortgage on a house at some point in the near future…{ which means my dreams of decorating a fabulous pad are almost within my grasp! (^.^)  }
  • My lovely man and I had a big anniversary a few weeks ago – 1o YEARS {yes a DECADE}! To celebrate we had a little trip to Edinburgh and it was awesome!
  • *linked to the above – my anniversary gift is tickets to see DURAN DURAN in Glasgow!
  • In my spare time I have become a little addicted to NETFLIX…oops.

Apart from that no new news…so here is a GIF of a pug dressed as a UNICORN – ENJOY


Thanks for reading! T.T.F.N



Rugs…rugs…you get the picture.


I love RUGS.

Honestly, I do.

I love the idea of having a home entirely covered in wooden, tiled or concrete floors…with amazing rugs E V E R Y W H E R E.

I love them for the texture and c o l o u r! I mean just look above!

But I’m also keen on layering them to add an extra focal point to your room:

{ BAM }

If you’re not feeling the rug lovin’, then I leave you with this…

{ Simple yet satisfying }

Thanks for reading! T.T.F.N


Hair today, gone tomorrow…



{OK, this is a little bit of a random rant…}

So this time last year I thought:

‘Hey I should grow my hair! Yeah!’ ^.^

I’ve been a fan of having my hair in a pixie crop, as it is easy to manage and, well, damn I thought it looked good. 😛

However, after 4 years of the same do {with the occasional variation – colour, fringe length and so on}, I made the executive decision to just watch it grow and see what happens…

I’m now at the stage where it has grown into, like, 5000 different layers {this may be an exaggeration}. So now half of it sits the way I like, and the other half does whatever it WANTS! Hmpfh.

I turned to my hairdresser for tips on products to help style it, and she was happy to help. But then she asked me something I wasn’t prepared for:

“What style are you aiming for anyway?”

Wait! Hold up! A STYLE! I knew I was forgetting something! I actually have to think of a style! Double hmpfh.

SO, after some hectic ‘pinning’, I reckon these styles have ‘grown’ on me {yes I made that pun. I’m not sorry}.

48f6065488613d7f4b946c0d9a18cb00 bd97f9376ad5ab9fb0e304d41f6183f0dae070aa49d86fc62949a8ebf3991cfb

Unfortunately, before I get to pick I have to wait for the rest of my 1000000 layers {again, this may be a slight exaggeration} to play catch up. Fingers crossed it doesn’t take long! Or I may just have to Pixie it all over again…😛

Thanks for reading! T.T.F.N


Live-in Rooms



As flat hunting is proving a little more complicated than previously thought, I’ve decided to share my ideal living room ideas with you lovely people.

One thing I definitely want is a leather reclining sofa…the ‘Rosita’ version that Chandler and Joey had in their apartment {I will, of course, play ‘draw’. Like, a lot.}


But then this begs the question of colour:


This is so far the palette I am drawn towards. Lovely and sophisticated.

However I’m a little child at heart and can’t resist a little pop of colour!

Some of my designs at Contemporary Twee on Society 6!

But now I am thinking:

Do I coordinate the whole house/ flat with the same base idea? And add a specific colour to each separate room, to make it a little more me?

Think I need to make some mood boards….and maybe pick options with ‘eeny, meeny, miny, mo!’

Thanks for reading! T.T.F.N


Miss Motivator – UPDATE



So you may remember from –Miss Motivator– that I’m working on Plan B to gain experience in the field of my dreams…

Well…say HELLO! to Claire, Freelance Textile Designer, for a lovely little design studio in Glasgow!

Yeah baby! *in Austin Powers voice* I am now on track and I feel pretty damn good about it!

I got the confirmation on Friday and I couldn’t be happier!

I currently still need a little part time job to make sure I can pay bills and all the adult things that come with that, but hey! For the moment the drinks are on me!

Thanks for reading! T.T.F.N


Bathrooms = Room Perfection!

bath 2

The bathroom is the one space in the house that everyone sees. And they’re not just interested in what shampoo you use or which lotion you prefer, it’s also a great chance to judge you on your housekeeping…{unless of course you have a separate en suite, in which case you can dump all the mess in there, when you have friends over}.

So, because it’s one room that guests will definitely see and probably use, it should be perfect!

I.Love.Bathrooms. {FACT} I love making them lovely and colourful!


I my favourite colour palette – of the moment – is this:


{But I do like to change my mind a lot, it’s a designers prerogative  you know!}

As we’ve been looking for a new home, I’ve been thinking about how I’d like our bathroom to look. This is the style I’m leaning towards:

1st june blog - 1

What do you think? I just love every detail…especially the tile combination!

And of course I will be planning some little DIY projects to decorate with…

Man I really need to find a house to decorate & FAST!

Thanks for reading! T.T.F.N


Miss Motivator.


{This post is brought to you by: travelling around Dundee on the 73 bus.}

I think I’m becoming more motivated to achieve goals that may sometimes seem out of reach.

I’ll explain: I have a ‘plan’ of what I want to be when I grow up, { I’ll have my own shop, design beautiful patterns, and put them on fabulous interior furnishings} and this involves me being my own boss, but to get there I need ‘experience’.

Which is why I started this blog. It was born firstly to prove to myself I could do it, and secondly to see if my ideas are interesting to you lovely people out there!

I ended up not getting the job that would’ve given me a major step in gaining ‘experience’ 😶…but that hasn’t stopped me following the plan. I’ve now started work on plan B.

People said before the outcome:

“If you don’t get the job, make sure you don’t give up”.

And I can say I am not giving up.

But in order to make plan B work I need to get another job, save money and manage my time. Sounds kinda grown up.

So wish me luck!

Thanks for reading! T.T.F.N