Boldly going where I have never been before.

home desk

I sit, staring at Write Space, hands above the keyboard ready to unleash whatever pops into my head. But instead, this happens: …

Then the mind wonders: ‘maybe I need another coffee’ (My third today, and it’s only 11am.)

What to talk about…things that interest me? Yes! Let’s see:

Guinea Pigs
Knits {at all times of the year}
A double bunkbed with entertainment centre underneath (Oh yeah!)

Right time to type {…}

SO Unicorns? AmmIright?!

I suppose I have a little first-time blogger fear. I’ve never tried this before and the nerves have set in. I love looking at other blogs and love the way they’ve all found their “voice”. Either through illustrations, interiors, fashion, DIY, or life in general.

So I need to try to find my “voice”.

Here goes.

Hello Folks! My name is Claire, I am from Dundee in Scotland, home of the Silvery Tay and in the near future, the V&A.

After graduating from Edinburgh College of Art, I got a couple of part-time jobs to pay the bills. My man and I had a few lovely flats in Edinburgh, with our little guinea pig Jeff. Then he was offered an opportunity we couldn’t ignore (the man, not the guinea pig)…a job in the Middle East; Abu Dhabi to be exact. So we moved.

We left Jeff with my wonderful family packed our suitcases and went on an adventure. After being in Abu Dhabi for a while, we decided to try our luck in another country. So we landed visas for Australia (which, sadly, are quickly running out), packed even less in our suitcases and hopped on a plane. We’ve seen wonderful sights, had the best coffee I’ve had in a while, lived in some interesting places with interesting people and had a wonderful time.

My goal in life is to run my own shop, with a little cafe on the side…but that’s a little further down the road. I would also love to be a full-time designer (surface patterns mainly, on, well, everything). But hey, that’s enough about me. Maybe I should leave a little mystery for the next post…

Thanks for reading! T.T.F.N