May the Fourth be with Me!

Welcome to Dundee!

Actually, I landed on Saturday — and the jet lag has been in full swing 😦

I’d hoped to avoid it with a lovely three-day stopover in Dubai, but that hasn’t done me much good! At least I brunched to my heart’s content on Friday! {If you don’t know what a Middle East brunch is, it’s an amazing 4 hour buffet with all you can eat and drink! – heaven.}

As I’ve previously mentioned — in Home Sweet, Idealistic, Home — I’ve decided to attempt an ‘adult life’…and to start, I’m currently keeping my fingers crossed for an interview to get my actual, proper, literal D-R-E-A-M job! {This is no exaggeration!}

I do believe in fate; I actually came across the job advert because I was bored. I get emails telling me about positions I might be ‘interested’ in nearly every day, and for months I didn’t look at them. Click, delete, repeat.

Then the other day I thought –

‘Hey, why not?’ I’m moving back to Scotland soon and I don’t want to turn up without applying for something, at least.’

It took some scrolling [like pages and pages…}

Then suddenly I saw it…D-R-E-A-M job.

After polishing the resume and writing ‘the’ cover letter of all cover letters…I hit apply.

I believe the first feeling was fear. Overwhelming fear. Fear of rejection, especially. This wouldn’t be the first job of this nature I’ve applied for and not heard a single peep {Which is just downright rude if you ask me!}.

Then I get a call to tell me that I had been shortlisted. –ME…SHORTLISTED!– I haven’t stopped smiling since.

But I’m still waiting to find out! So keep all your fingers and toes crossed for me! If it comes through, you’ll be the first to know!*

{May the Fourth be with ME!}
Thanks for reading! T.T.F.N


*not guaranteed 🙂


4 thoughts on “May the Fourth be with Me!

  1. I love it! May the “fourth” be with you! Brilliant! I’m sending you all my love and best wishes. I know this was some time ago, but your dream job awaits you ❤ H x

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