Bathrooms = Room Perfection!

bath 2

The bathroom is the one space in the house that everyone sees. And they’re not just interested in what shampoo you use or which lotion you prefer, it’s also a great chance to judge you on your housekeeping…{unless of course you have a separate en suite, in which case you can dump all the mess in there, when you have friends over}.

So, because it’s one room that guests will definitely see and probably use, it should be perfect!

I.Love.Bathrooms. {FACT} I love making them lovely and colourful!


I my favourite colour palette – of the moment – is this:


{But I do like to change my mind a lot, it’s a designers prerogative  you know!}

As we’ve been looking for a new home, I’ve been thinking about how I’d like our bathroom to look. This is the style I’m leaning towards:

1st june blog - 1

What do you think? I just love every detail…especially the tile combination!

And of course I will be planning some little DIY projects to decorate with…

Man I really need to find a house to decorate & FAST!

Thanks for reading! T.T.F.N



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