Live-in Rooms



As flat hunting is proving a little more complicated than previously thought, I’ve decided to share my ideal living room ideas with you lovely people.

One thing I definitely want is a leather reclining sofa…the ‘Rosita’ version that Chandler and Joey had in their apartment {I will, of course, play ‘draw’. Like, a lot.}


But then this begs the question of colour:


This is so far the palette I am drawn towards. Lovely and sophisticated.

However I’m a little child at heart and can’t resist a little pop of colour!

Some of my designs at Contemporary Twee on Society 6!

But now I am thinking:

Do I coordinate the whole house/ flat with the same base idea? And add a specific colour to each separate room, to make it a little more me?

Think I need to make some mood boards….and maybe pick options with ‘eeny, meeny, miny, mo!’

Thanks for reading! T.T.F.N



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