Hair today, gone tomorrow…



{OK, this is a little bit of a random rant…}

So this time last year I thought:

‘Hey I should grow my hair! Yeah!’ ^.^

I’ve been a fan of having my hair in a pixie crop, as it is easy to manage and, well, damn I thought it looked good. 😛

However, after 4 years of the same do {with the occasional variation – colour, fringe length and so on}, I made the executive decision to just watch it grow and see what happens…

I’m now at the stage where it has grown into, like, 5000 different layers {this may be an exaggeration}. So now half of it sits the way I like, and the other half does whatever it WANTS! Hmpfh.

I turned to my hairdresser for tips on products to help style it, and she was happy to help. But then she asked me something I wasn’t prepared for:

“What style are you aiming for anyway?”

Wait! Hold up! A STYLE! I knew I was forgetting something! I actually have to think of a style! Double hmpfh.

SO, after some hectic ‘pinning’, I reckon these styles have ‘grown’ on me {yes I made that pun. I’m not sorry}.

48f6065488613d7f4b946c0d9a18cb00 bd97f9376ad5ab9fb0e304d41f6183f0dae070aa49d86fc62949a8ebf3991cfb

Unfortunately, before I get to pick I have to wait for the rest of my 1000000 layers {again, this may be a slight exaggeration} to play catch up. Fingers crossed it doesn’t take long! Or I may just have to Pixie it all over again…😛

Thanks for reading! T.T.F.N



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