…well it’s been a while.



Lord! I have been gone a loooong time!

{I have no good excuse for leaving this so long, so apologies.}

So – lets have a recap:

  • I still sleep in, as long as I can when I can!…nothing new there :p
  • I am still addicted to coffee.
  • I am still freelancing my little be-hind off.
  • But I also have a 9-5 job which…well, is hopefully going to help me get a mortgage on a house at some point in the near future…{ which means my dreams of decorating a fabulous pad are almost within my grasp! (^.^)  }
  • My lovely man and I had a big anniversary a few weeks ago – 1o YEARS {yes a DECADE}! To celebrate we had a little trip to Edinburgh and it was awesome!
  • *linked to the above – my anniversary gift is tickets to see DURAN DURAN in Glasgow!
  • In my spare time I have become a little addicted to NETFLIX…oops.

Apart from that no new news…so here is a GIF of a pug dressed as a UNICORN – ENJOY


Thanks for reading! T.T.F.N



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