Movie Night!



After watching The Big Bang Theory episode with SH-AMY’s first “sleep over” in a homemade fort, it got me thinking –

How AWESOME would it be to have a ‘grown up’ movie night – complete with fort- for all your amazing friends {or just for you and your better half}!

So I started ‘pinning’:

First things, first – THE FORT


  • Ambience is key – so fairy lights are a must.
  • Cushions, cushions, CUSHIONS! – to make sure there are no numb bums…no one likes a numb bum.
  • Blankets – integral to creating your fort. They can be Star Wars themed or not. It’s really up to you.
  • Duvets – for extra comfort and for anyone who feels a little chilly.

Next on the list: The invitations.

And what better way to invite peeps to your amazing movie night –


I mean you can’t get into a movie without one!


Popcorn, nachos, hot dogs, pick ‘n’ mix! {DROOLS}

I found a great popcorn box template:


Which would also be amazing for the pick ‘n’ mix! I can’t wait to try it out!

Last but not least: An A-MAZ-ING Movie!

No point in picking a bad one! 🙂 I’d recommend Gremlins or Ghostbusters!

Thanks for reading! T.T.F.N





Guilty Pleasures – Part One…


So recently I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls, and I’d forgotten how much I L.O.V.E this show!

Especially all of the ramblings between Lorelai and Rory! The coffee, the food, the coffee, the drama…and did I mention the coffee? {there’s coffee}.

It got me thinking about those secret little likes everyone has, but are too afraid to talk about in public.

So today I’m standing proud. Or setting myself up for ridicule for ever and ever. So without further delay here are some of my guilty pleasures {a mixture of movies, TV programmes, food and more}…

{Eek!} – here we go:

The Twilight Saga – {Books and movies}
I know the CGI was awful! {that creepy-ass baby!} But who doesn’t enjoy an angsty teen love triangle now and then?!

Gilmore Girls
If I could talk as fast as this mother-daughter team, I would do so on a daily basis. Whilst drinking my weight in coffee.

Pickled Onions
I have been known to eat them directly out of the jar.

Taking ‘me’ days
I have actually had days off where I just do all the things I  want to do, and no one can judge me. Example:
I took a week of ‘me’ days not so long ago and sat for 8 hours every day {minus snacking time} to play Skyrim. It was a glorious geek-filled week, and I’m not sorry.

Leading me to:

The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim!
An amazing fantasy land where I can create a character who shoots lightning from their hands, become an assassin, wield a sword and slay dragons! I mean c’mon! Who couldn’t love this!

Watching BAD daytime TV and loving it!
Mainly Jeremy Kyle and Jerry Springer…hearing people rant on about how ‘someone done me wrong’ or ‘who’s the daddy?’, drinking a cup of coffee and having a choccie biccie.

But maybe that’s enough from me…*

Feel free to share some of your guilty pleasures below or let me know if there are more folk like me ‘out’ there!

Thanks for reading! T.T.F.N


*Oh and Barbie Girl by Aqua…*girly squeal

May the Fourth be with Me!

Welcome to Dundee!

Actually, I landed on Saturday — and the jet lag has been in full swing 😦

I’d hoped to avoid it with a lovely three-day stopover in Dubai, but that hasn’t done me much good! At least I brunched to my heart’s content on Friday! {If you don’t know what a Middle East brunch is, it’s an amazing 4 hour buffet with all you can eat and drink! – heaven.}

As I’ve previously mentioned — in Home Sweet, Idealistic, Home — I’ve decided to attempt an ‘adult life’…and to start, I’m currently keeping my fingers crossed for an interview to get my actual, proper, literal D-R-E-A-M job! {This is no exaggeration!}

I do believe in fate; I actually came across the job advert because I was bored. I get emails telling me about positions I might be ‘interested’ in nearly every day, and for months I didn’t look at them. Click, delete, repeat.

Then the other day I thought –

‘Hey, why not?’ I’m moving back to Scotland soon and I don’t want to turn up without applying for something, at least.’

It took some scrolling [like pages and pages…}

Then suddenly I saw it…D-R-E-A-M job.

After polishing the resume and writing ‘the’ cover letter of all cover letters…I hit apply.

I believe the first feeling was fear. Overwhelming fear. Fear of rejection, especially. This wouldn’t be the first job of this nature I’ve applied for and not heard a single peep {Which is just downright rude if you ask me!}.

Then I get a call to tell me that I had been shortlisted. –ME…SHORTLISTED!– I haven’t stopped smiling since.

But I’m still waiting to find out! So keep all your fingers and toes crossed for me! If it comes through, you’ll be the first to know!*

{May the Fourth be with ME!}
Thanks for reading! T.T.F.N


*not guaranteed 🙂

Home Sweet, Idealistic, Home.


On May 2nd, it’ll finally be time to embark on {what some people like to call} “adult life”. Instead of travelling for another year or two, it’s time to set up shop in my home town.

My man and I haven’t had a space to ourselves in a long time, and we’ve recently been sitting around thinking…’why not now?’

Which means I have been a Pinterest MANIAC!


Being design-minded I have some great ideas for creating a place that is truly “ours”…

Now as you know from a little post — Bedrooms. Boudoirs. Barracks…etc — we’ve had some interesting ideas already! So now it’s time to think about the rest of the house…

We want:

  • 2 bedrooms, with fitted wardrobes.
  • A bathroom with a window, and if we can’t find one, a bathroom with good storage and a strong fan!
  • A good sized kitchen {especially with a large cupboard for assorted cocktail ingredients!}
  • A BIG living room.
  • …and a little hallway.

But above all NO CARPETS! I love wooden floors! So much easier to clean and it also means I decorate with rugs! {Especially this DIY job}

That’s not too much to ask for…right?

As I delve deeper and deeper into the magical world of Pinterest, I’ve found awesome DIY ideas that would add a ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the house.

For example…this AMAZING BATH MAT!


I mean this, and the person responsible: Genius!

But for any of this to happen a house/ flat must be found!

Thanks for reading! T.T.F.N


Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.

SO, I'm in the map...
SO, I’m in the map…

As our visa comes to an end {sad face}, we decided to look at a map of Oz and tick off all the places we’ve been.

The_citiesTurns out our 10 month journey looks utterly pitiful {read on for actual statistics}!UluruBut just to add some perspective, this is how the United Kingdom, United States and Japan compare in size!

I mean, C'MON!
{I mean, C’MON!}

I know this will sound strange…but I didn’t think Australia was so big! Just to make sure I wasn’t making things up, I Google-mapped a journey from Alice Springs to Darwin in the Northern Territory.

If I was to drive this distance it would take me 16 hours.

Now, seeing as I am a Scottish lass, I thought I would see how far that would take me in the homeland. Turns out I could drive from John O’Groats {the tip of Scotland} all the way down to Dover…get on a ferry, detour via Belgium and arrive at Calais in France and still have two hours to spare…

‘Wait, whaaat?’ I hear you cry.

Yes, you read correctly.

I could actually leave one country, pass a second and arrive at the third in less time than it would take me to drive in one.

Just to reiterate: this place is HUGE.

In order to make me feel better, I decided to look at the distance we’ve travelled just to see if it was any better…and it WAS! Our total distance travelled –by planes, trains and automobiles– is {*drum roll} 8,829.73KM!

{Just an fyi, there are 7,692,024 km²…[which actually means we have only travelled 8.7% of the whole country!]}

So before we’ve even left, we’ve already decided another trip is in order to tick more places off the map! LET THE SAVING BEGIN!

Thanks for reading! T.T.F.N


Blogging for money.


So, I’ve been re-watching Sex and the City  again. Which got me thinking: has Carrie Bradshaw’s life — writing a newspaper column {essentially a blog}, getting a book deal, earning thousands, drinking cosmos, wearing designer brands and living happily ever after — fuelled a generation of bloggers?

It’s surely no secret that bloggers all have the desire to be discovered and be paid for their thoughts {or, as I like to call mine, ‘internal ramblings’}. We all want to have the ideal job, doing something we are passionate about, or at least enjoy in some shape or form.

Why else would there be so many of us ‘out there’?

When I decided to plant the ‘Contemporary Twee’ flag in the blogosphere, I did not expect my ramblings to reach quite as many countries as I have in a short space of time. {Which is amazing, and HI! to all of you!}. But I started applying the “Contemporary Twee” name to all my favourite social media platforms because I want people to know what I’m up too, in both design and life. I want to know what people think of my work and — enter the ‘happy-ever-after’ portion — land a job based on my talents.

Which isn’t too much to ask…right?

So the next step is to work hard, keep doing what is popular {be it designing or writing}, show that I’m motivated and able to explain myself {in my case, through impending Social Media DOMINATION :p } And, for the moment anyway, drink those cosmos at my Mac.

Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say here is “If you build it, they will come.”

Thanks for reading! T.T.F.N


Bedrooms. Boudoirs. Barracks. Sleep space, living space or whatever you call them.

MainImage - Elle

Sleeping is a very important time for me. I can’t seem to function without at least 8 hours of it. {I have been known to go for the full 12…}

Living in hostels where your entire space is a single bunk, you begin to dream of your perfect bed…

Double, Queen or King sized beds. Frames of wood, iron and padded panels. Mattresses so comfy they seem to mould to your body. Plump pillows {2, 4, 5…or 7?}. Pillows that keep you supported in all the right places, whether you’re watching something on your laptop or reading a fantastic novel. And lets not forget the duvet. With togs for all different seasons, how can you go wrong!?

Then the interesting part begins: colour combinations.
You start thinking minimal, maybe white or grey with pops of colour. But why stop there? Why not go crazy and have all the colours in the world!


Patterns and texture also play an important part {just LOOK at them}. As you’re sleeping in an amazing bed for at least 7 hours {if you’re lucky}, you may as well make it feel good?


300+ count Egyptian cotton, luxury silk or — in my case — crisp 100% cotton. The choice is endless! {It’s no wonder that people can be seen crying in frustration in the linen section of any department store.}

But once you’ve found all the components, the execution is simple. Then you have the perfect space to relax.

My ideal space is this:


I know I am supposed to be an adult, but I’m actually a 5″3 geeky kid. And I’m okay with that.

So, imagine this amazing bed with a little entertainment centre underneath. A projector linked to a PS or Xbox so me and my man, can watch movies and play games! Maybe even a mini-fridge stocked with essential goodies and some bean bags to chill on…sorry went off into a daydream there.

The bottom line is you need a space to relax which is special to you. Otherwise you might as well sleep on the floor :p

Thanks for reading! T.T.F.N